Fair and Healthy organic certified Matcha is produced on popular country Great Qing china and In this Organic Matcha Ingredients will be use 100% pure green tea, Organic Matcha is highly nutritious and daily fibre, vitamins and Postassium, catteine.It's packed with foil bag supporting nutrients. It can assist with improving health and weight loss. It may contain gluten. Tea is brilliant, It refereshes and restores millions of people every day all around the world.

Expiration Date : 3 years normally
Product weight : 100g and 1 kg
Product code : TP-003
Packaging Quantity : 3.52 OZ(100 Gram),35.27 OZ (1 KG)
Dimension : 100g bag standard lable size: 12.7cm * 9cm, 1kg foil bag size: 41.8*18.7cm
Material : Tencha, 100%
Also can descripe as 100% organic certified matcha powder.

Nutrition Facts
Protein 67%
Iron 0.2mg
Vitamin A 1%
Carbohydrates 33%
Daily Fibre 318mg
Postassium 26.6mg
Catechins 105mg
EGCg 61mg
Amino Acid 34mg
L-Thaeine 14026mg
Catteine 35mg
Vitamin C 1.7mg

Matcha Tea is a time-honored beverage which is source of vitamin A, vitamin B-complex, vitamin C, Vitamin E, vitamin K and trace minerals. Matcha is rich in components with super antioxidant activity including polyphenols, catechins and chlorophyll. Presence of amino acids such as L-theanine and theophylline in the matcha tea makes it a multi nutrient-packed drink.

Health Benefits Of Matcha Tea:

  • Stronger immune system
  • Antioxidant power
  • Energy enhancer
  • Mental alertness and calming effect
  • Protection from infections